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We are team of talanted advisers making cameroon diaspora project a success in the country.

Let us handle every thing for you

We are aware of the challenges when it comes to finding someone you trust in the country to help you with your project while you are busy abroad. Entrust us with your needs and we will carry them out on your behalf

Legal paperwork

Whatever project you wish to set up or have already initiated, we can assist you in its legalization. No matter the form of the company, the type of document to hold, we take care of everything without you having to travel.


We are transparent in each action carried out for you with clear and faithful reports. You will spend for your projects the exact costs practiced in the country without adding or rounding cost which usually result to scam.


We are your eyes and ears in Cameroon regarding your interests. We are your policy in protecting your interests and ensuring that everything goes smoothly with no unpleasant surprises or blows.


Being on the ground and with our experience of reality of the country, we are there to advise you so that you make the best decisions for your projects in the country. This will save you a lot of time and money.


Many of us have undertaken projects in the country, projects entrusted to relatives who have been unsuccessful for often unjustified reasons. Salix Nigra offers to be your partner in the assistance and follow-up of all your projects without you needing to spend unnecessarily on travel expenses and undergoing the family or friendly harassments which are considerable brakes to the realization of your projects.

Business creation and accommodation.

We carry out all the procedure for creating your company in Cameroon whatever the legal form and according to your needs

  • We legalize your business by providing you with all the legal the start-up documents.
  • We take care of your tax obligations with your tax center.
  • If you want, we can take care of the daily life of your new business. Reception, tax declaration, business domiciliation, etc ...

Continuous advice

Depending on the sector of activity or the nature of your project, our experts and advisers (legal, tax, accountants) are at your disposal continuously and friendly via the various communication channels to bring you the best advice possible. taking into account the realities of the country.

Stay zen in your different host countries and trust our experts when you have some doubts or need expert advice.

Verification and confirmation

In order to avoid the problems related to the breach of trust and swindle which the Cameroonians of the diaspora continually undergo, we are there to verify everything of which you have doubts concerning your projects or interests in the country. This service involves:

  • Bring proof of progress of your construction site for example.
  • Move to a locality of your choice to verify a fact or an achievement.
  • Reporting veracity.

Monitoring of your investment projects

In addition to monitoring, we provide advice on setting up investment projects, whether in real estate or agriculture.

We take care of the various administrative obligations related to the acquisition of land, recruitment of engineers, negotiations of activity's cost and materials, etc. Everything is in your sole interest. Whether an existing project or one in progress. We are competent to carry it out.

Standard pricing

This pricing relates to punctual services and therefore takeover can be done in relatively short time. Like the legalization of very small companies with capital of less than 1 million FCFA, under private signature for example. Please contact us for a quote regarding large projects requiring more expertise and resources.
Contact us for a quote



  • You have doubts on a point concerning your project in the country and wish to have a clear idea.
  • We, as an external and neutral party, will carry out the necessary verifications in order to confirm or deny your doubts.

Permanent mandate

Fcfa67,000* / month

  • The mandate concerns needs that span the long term and requires continuous care. It is the guarantee of our constant availability.
  • Whether it's your new business created, the monitoring of your site or the advance of your farm. We make sure everything is going well.

(*) Price corresponding only to the service charges of Salix Nigra.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is your service for?

    This service is aimed at the cameroonian diaspora spread all over the world. No matter what country you live in, this service is for you.

  • We are a group of Cameroonian people from the cameroonian diaspora. We are aware of the difficulties encountered. Salix Nigra mobilizes its experts in different fields of activity. Thanks to us, you will carry out your projects in the country without family and friendly harassment which generally ends in breach of trust which you can do nothing about.

  • The main offer is the mandate. You mandate us to take action for you and on your behalf. The needs are diverse and vast. The key mandates are:

    • Legalization of your business in Cameroon, day-to-day management of the business after creation (fisc, secretariat, accommodation, etc.)
    • The acquisition of movable or immovable property;
    • Monitoring the completion of your projects;
    • Clearance of your containers;
    • Verification and confirmation of facts.

  • Our commissions are fixed and with no hidden costs that you can consult above depending on the type of service requested. The cost of the project and the costs generated as a result of the mandate contract will be notified to you with justification. However, we make sure to limit as much as possible unforeseen events.

  • You can pay by transfer to the bank account of Salix Nigra LLC, by Visa or Mastercard directly or Paypal on our platform; via WorldRemit directly into the UBA account of Salix Nigra. Local means of payment are also accepted. Please contact us for payment details in whatever way is convenient for you.

  • The majority of projects initiated by our diaspora brothers and sisters do not succeed because they are managed either by family or by friends. The love we have for our families and friends pushes us to deviate from our goals to meet the needs of others. With blind confidence that we grant to our family and friends, breaches of trust are common, and the reality when you return home is difficult to bear. We are a third party whose sole objective is to follow the progress of your projects and verify that the projects are progressing as indicated and planned. We have obligations and are bound by a contract and not trust.

    Salix Nigra will live because she watches over your interests. Our reports to you are transparent and truthful. Your expenses are not increased. You spend exactly as if you were in the country and perhaps less thanks to our collaborators who are excellent negotiators who seek the best deals for you. Finally, what would you do to your dad or mum to whom you gave 50 million Fcfa for the construction of your house and who used these funds for something else that has nothing to do with your project?